Latest Changes in Country Code Top Level Domain Policy.

-European Union Package
-Global High Risk Package offers 93 High Risk domains selected on the basis of most frequent use by domain pirates.
-Custom Packages designed for your needs.

Let protect your brands by optimizing your domain portfolio.
Domain Registration Packages

At we specialize in custom domain registration solutions to meet the demands of your growing business. We offer global, regional, and customized registration packages corresponding to your business requirements.

HIGH RISK PACKAGES - The most effective preventive measure you can take is to register your key brands in High Risk country domains. We offer a range of regional and global High Risk packages for registering domains in those countries without registration restrictions. While there are over 204 domains that are considered to be at risk of being registered by other parties, we have carefully selected a list of the 93 domains most frequently registered by domain pirates.

EUROPEAN UNION PACKAGE - If your company is doing business in Europe, seriously consider registering your key brands in the 27 High Risk European country code top level domains. These preventive registration packages are proven to reduce domain piracy within the European region. Please note that some countries in the EU require a local company with exactly the same name as the domain applied for.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS - Wherever your company is incorporated and thinking of doing business we strongly recommend that you register your key brands in these country markets, both as a preventive anti-piracy measure as well as regionalized brand building. can help your organization develop and execute a detailed domain strategy based upon where you are doing business today and plan to do business in the future. We are often able to assist corporate clients by decreasing their cost of protecting their brands by carefully choosing which ccTLDs to register.

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