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Project Management

Successfully registering your brand internationally is far from child’s play. International domain registrars are notorious for making errors registering international domains, both with the information submitted to international Network Information Centers (NIC’s) around the globe, as well as with the ownership details. Registration Management is a service we offer for registrations that are conducted through other registrars. We can review the effectiveness of your contract with the registrar and provide unsurpassed quality assurance tests at each step in the registration process.

We also will make certain that your organization has a copy of all registrar-NIC correspondence and that all domains for which you have applied are actually delegated by the NIC authority. Anything short of this is not a completely effective registration project.

An additional auditing service is to test all required DNS records prior to registration to confirm that they are properly set up before beginning any registration project. Such precautions will save time and resources in the short term of running a registration project. Registration management is an essential component of any international registration package that is to be successful. will act as an impartial 3rd party that independently confirms that the work you have requested and paid for has been properly completed.

If your organization is searching for an effective Project Manager to manage your domain project(s), please Contact Us for a quote.