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Let protect your brands by optimizing your domain portfolio.
Portfolio Optimization: Auditing & Fault Analysis

At we specialize in optimizing your domain portfolio to protect your brands. By auditing your domain portfolio and analyzing your domains for technical and administrative faults we can help you to eliminate domain deletions and standardize your administrative, technical, billing and DNS details associated with each of your domains.

Your domain portfolio may be comprised of dozens or hundreds of domains in .com, .net, .org, biz, .info and in many different countries around the world, registered by many contacts within your organization over a period of several years. Such diverse and varied registrations often go unchecked for potential faults which can very easily lead to all sorts of problems ranging from domain deletions, a lack of direct control over the domains themselves, or even a false understanding of true legal ownership. Most of these faults can be avoided or remedied.

The majority of ccTLD domains may be registered for an initial fee from US$250 to US$1,000. If it becomes necessary to modify these domains the complexity can be exponential and the cost of a simple, one-line modification can cost as much as several thousand dollars per domain.

At, we have extensive experience auditing domain registrations and performing detailed analysis of each and every field within every domain record of your portfolio. This process produces a highly detailed report of registration faults with specific recommendations of how to correct them.

The cost of administering the domain portfolio can usually be substantially reduced, once we have provided you with a coherent, standardized domain system.

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