Latest Changes in Country Code Top Level Domain Policy.

-European Union Package
-Global High Risk Package offers 93 High Risk domains selected on the basis of most frequent use by domain pirates.
-Custom Packages designed for your needs.

Let protect your brands by optimizing your domain portfolio.
Domain Name Registration can register domain names in all countries in the world in which your organization qualifies. In many countries, trademark registrations, local legal entities, and/or local administrative contacts are required to register a domain name, but in just as many countries and territories your brand is at risk of being registered by unrelated third parties.

Our core recommendation is first to register your important brand or trade names in all of the High Risk countries. These are the countries or territories in which any party can register domains without proof of trademark and there is no requirement for the registrant to have a local corporate presence. Due to these loose regulations on domain registration these High Risk countries are where your organization is at the greatest risk of piracy, intellectual property infringement and abuse.

If you would like additional information on specific countries where your organization qualifies for registration, or details on high-risk countries in particular – Contact Us for more information.