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-Global High Risk Package offers 93 High Risk domains selected on the basis of most frequent use by domain pirates.
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Corporate Registration Templates

Constructing a Corporate Registration Template is the key to long-term ownership and maximum control of your domain names, and the unification of your domain portfolio. Sorting out the optimum information to use when registering your domain names is our specialty.

This key element is vitally important to keeping your domains in order because the process of creating registration records is always easier and less expensive than changing them at a later date. Creating a Corporate Registration Template is an investment that will pay your company dividends and minimize administrative hassles for years to come.

There is a modest, one-time fee for our creating a custom, optimized template. If you register twenty-five or more ccTLDs through within a three month period, we will waive the fee.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Corporate Templating Services , please Contact Us for more details.