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International Domain News

BELGIUM - As of October 15, 2002 transfer of ownership applications for .be domains in Belgium will be permitted. This will allow a legal change of registrant orowner for these domains that is currently not possible.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - As of September 5, 2002 the current restrictions on .ae domain registrations in the UAE will be lifted. Current regulations limit these registrations to Emirati companies only.

RUSSIA - On August 8, 2002 the Moscow Times reported that the number of registered .RU Internet addresses totaled 135,000 over the past year, more than twice the total for the previous year. About 60 percent of the Russian addresses are owned by companies or organizations, with 39 percent of the rest belonging to individuals and one percent to entities such as entrepreneurs.

AUSTRALIA - On July 1, 2002 the Australian domain registry introduced a new domain name regime and new domain name policy rules greatly easing registration restrictions for domains.

EUROPEAN UNION - On May 20, 2002 the European Parliment published a regulation setting out the conditions for implementing the proposed .eu TLD for Europe, and establishing the policy framework. Based on the policy process that still needs to be navigated, it is speculated that it will be at least six to twelve months before the the new .eu ccTLD is ready for launch.

USA - On April 24, 2002 .us domains became available to the public, marking the close of the sunrise period for trademark holders.

RUSSIA - As of April 20, 2002 international trademark owners will benefit from new Russian laws that allow .ru domain names to be claimed if they prove their rights have been infringed. Until now, foreign companies winning judgments to uphold their exclusive rights in Russia have been unable to enforce the judgments to have domains re-registered in their own name.

TAJIKISTAN - On March 1, 2002 it was discovered that the Tajikistan domain registry for domains is no longer operational. will not be accepting new registrations for .tj until the registry resumes service.

ARGENTINA - On January 19, 2002 the Argentinian domain registry amended the requirements to register domain names for Argentina. Registration now requires a local contact with an Aregentinian address. Previous registrations did not require a local Argentinian contact.